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Yacht Service Hub

A fully equipped, fully staffed boatyard is situated within our main hub, the Olympic Marine, making it the only marina in Athens to offer complete boat, yacht and sailboat repair, and refit services. With a permanent staff of highly skilled workers of various specialties, specialized contractors, and a ship-building team that has been winning awards for their refits, our company is more than ready to handle everything a boat owner may need, from a time-sensitive repair during your sailing route, to winterisation, to a complete boat refit before a new season exploration.

Yacht Service Packages






Yacht Service Packages

  • Exterior washing once per month
  • Inspection of batteries & charger status once per month
  • Engine room inspection once per month
  • Operation of Engine/Generator/Clima once per month
  • Official report about vessel’s condition
  • Exterior washing twice per month
  • Inspection of batteries & charger status twice per month
  • Engine room inspection twice per month
  • Operation of Engine/Generator/Clima twice per month
  • Official report about vessel’s condition


  • Extended summer maintenance program (daily, weekly, monthly-list available upon request)
  • Extended winterisation program (list available upon request)
  • Upgrades and refit at factory level
  • Yacht preparation for unlimited times through the year, the yacht remains in impeccable condition and is restored to impeccable condition after each use  
  • Marina logistics (berthing, refueling, travelift, in/out support)
  • Office concierge service for your arrivals, stay and departures
  • 7days/wk marine local tips, recommendations, support, routes, contacts etc
  • Member of the local community
  • Severe weather precautions all year round
  • Yacht history record (very useful for your yacht's resale value)
  • Emergency support with our all-weather rib in case it is needed (fuel to be billed separately)
  • Remote check-in/out in the islands, one-way routes for your yachting experience.
  • Yacht transfers/logistics
  • Yacht intelligence system, monitoring, geofencing & alert, local response 24/7


Maintenance Services

● Engines & Generators – routine maintenance to major overhauls and new engine installation, vibration analysis and correction, sound reduction
● Electrical – charging systems, system design, bonding systems, corrosion analysis, green energy
● A/C & Refrigeration – design engineering, integration and installation, system repair and service
● Fiberglass & Composites – cosmetic repairs, blister and gelcoat treatment, hull repairs, transom extensions, custom fabrication, vinylesters
● Detailing – complete yacht management, wash, wax, compounding ● Paint & Varnish – Awlgrip spray finishing, oil based varnish and enamels, Cetol, Barrier Coats
● Bottom Painting – roller or spray painting, sandblasting
● Steel Fabrication – TIG welding and fabricating for stainless railings, accents, stainless and aluminum tanks
● Rigging – mast stepping and unstepping, steel wire and rod rig tuning and re-rigging, high performance fiber rigging, furlers, rigging inspections
● Carpentry – interior modifications, custom cabinetry, teak decking, wooden boat structural repair

● Renovations – granite countertops, complete interior design including custom furniture and softgoods packages
● Integrated vessel washing
● Cleaning and tightening of rails, rails and awnings

● Inspection, washing and ventilation of sails
● Maintenance of rigging, spars, winches, stoppers
● Maintenance of natural and artificial teak deck cover
● Control of air tightness of manholes and portholes
● Ventilation of the yacht’s interior space
● Maintenance of plumbing devices and water tanks
● Maintenance and washing of fecal tanks
● Checking the level, replacement and topping up of working motor fluids
● Seasonal inspection of engines, transmission, gearboxes
● Monitoring of batteries and recharging them if necessary
● Maintenance of the steering system in working order
● Checking of electrical circuits and yacht electronics

Winterisation Services

If you are not using your boat over winter, you will need to protect your investment against the elements. Engines are designed to be used and need to be carefully prepared for long periods of time sitting idle in cold temperatures. It is also worth remembering that many insurance policies will not cover damage done by lack of maintenance.

Yachts left uncared for over the winter will quickly deteriorate causing all manner of issues when you come to go sailing again in the Spring. Don’t let your yacht suffer from neglect over the winter months. Our team uses a checklist including every task at hand so you can be informed at all times about the progress!

Our services include:

  • Sails & Covers
  • Mast & Standing Rigging
  • Ropes and Running Rigging
  • Winterizing the engine and outdrive
  • Winterizing the fuel system
  • Winterizing freshwater systems
  • Preparing the batteries for storage
  • Removing (or covering) deck furniture
  • Exterior wash

Paperwork Services

We know you want to be on the water, not in line to do yacht document paperwork. Let us handle your vessel’s documentation that is required, so you can be on your yacht as soon as possible. Documentation of your yacht and titling a vessel can be complex, confusing, and downright annoying. We handle all the small details and stay on top of the paper trail, so you don’t have to.
  • Individual passports of all crew members are inspected on entry into Greece aboard a yacht, as is the case on departure with the same yacht. If leaving or arriving by other means (e.g. by air or ferry), documents will be inspected by Immigration at the point of arrival/exit and any visa (if required) date stamped.
  • All non-EU yachts must clear in with the port police, Customs, Health, Immigration and Currency Control on arrival. The ship’s papers – including detailed crew list – will be inspected by the port police and cruising tax levied as detailed below.
  • EU-registered yachts need only report to the port police office at their first port of call with their documents and pay the cruising tax as detailed below. Proof of VAT payment may be required but in practice is rarely asked for.
  • Yachts must carry their original registration documents and ship’s radio station licence – one member of the crew must be in possession of a certificate to operate the radio/VHF
  • The original insurance certificate and a Greek translation showing Third Party insurance with the amounts in figures need to be produced. These minimum amounts are:
  • 293,470 EURO liability for death or injury by sinking, collision or other cause for crew and third parties,
  • 146,753 EURO for damage,
  • 88,041 EURO for pollution.
  • The skipper should have an International Certificate of Competence (although in practice this is rarely requested)
  • For non-EU citizens, nights should be spent on board (not in hotels ashore, etc) – if not, the Harbour Master and the Immigration officer should be notified
  • The registered yacht owner/skipper should be on board. If handing the boat’s command to someone else, ensure that the proper documentation is obtained from the Port Police
  • Fishing is only allowed with a snorkel in certain areas. Fishing with scuba gear is prohibited
  • To protect archaeological sites, scuba diving is restricted – permission should be sought locally
  • Chartering by foreign yachts is now allowed, but the vessel must be inspected and certificated according to Greek law, a process that involves a huge amount of red tape
  • Acceptance Statement
  • Charter Party for Port Police
  • Sample Contract
  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Crewlist Form
  • Inventory
  • Provisions List
  • Redelivery Form

Safety Services

Safety comes first, client satisfaction comes second and everything else follows! All yachts must be equipped with full safety and navigation equipment, according to Greek Maritime Law, including sufficient life jackets, flares, VHF, GPS, life raft, autopilot, EPIRB, navigation charts and pilot book for the region.

Crew Services

Our crew services experts specialise in accurately placing crew members on the appropriate yachts and guiding the successful careers of tens of thousands worldwide. Our team allows us to deliver quality results in all the main yachting hubs around Greece. From crew placement, both for our yachts and the crew registered with us looking for superyacht jobs to crew administration for all the crew employed on our vessels we will take care of every aspect of employing crew. We also offer crew training services, ensuring that crew are always trained to the highest professional standards, whether for safety or personal service.

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